President Obama Endorses Gay Marriage: Will This Decision Help or Hurt Him?

North Carolina’s recent decision to ban gay marriages has the country in an uproar.

This new law, which passed 61 to 39 percent on Tuesday, defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman and will no longer offer benefits to same-sex couples in the state.

North Carolina was already against gay marriages, but this new law will seek to alter the state’s constitution, ultimately making it more difficult for lawmakers to oppose it later on down the road.

Immediately following the results of the Tarheel state’s vote, President Obama announced on Wednesday in an exclusive sit down interview with ABC, that he supported same-sex marriages and was disappointed with the voting outcome. This announcement couldn’t have come at a better time, as Vice President Joe Biden announced last Sunday that he believed gay couples deserve the same rights that straight couples do.

Obama is now recognized as the first sitting President to endorse gay marriages, a tremendous milestone for the gay rights movement. But many question whether his intentions are genuine, or if Obama caved from all of the pressure in order to prepare for his upcoming election.

How convenient is it that this controversial topic, one that many of his big campaign donors support, comes up at a time when Obama isn’t looking so great in the polls? Could it be that  Obama’s support for gay marriage is really an attempt to distract voters from other important issues such as the economy and jobs?

Obama’s gay marriage endorsement may prove to be a favorable move with many young voters who supported him previously; however, Obama has certainly put himself in a tough situation with the religious, African American, and independent voters in important swing states that have strong oppositions against gay rights.

Will President Obama’s decision to support gay marriages help or hurt him in the upcoming election?

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