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Hi, I’m Alec Difrawi known on this site as The Smart Alec. It’s a term I’m often referred by and not usually as a form of endearment. I hope you enjoy my blog and to borrow a quote from my favorite author (Samuel Clemens):

“Anyone attempting to find a motive in this blog will be prosecuted; anyone attempting to find a moral in it will be banished; anyone attempting to find a plot in it will be shot. By Order of the Author”

Will Google TV Catch On With New Technology?

LG Google TV credit:

As broadcast and cable television is augmented by online content, television manufacturers are scrambling to integrate the two formats. All-in-one television/internet browsers are the solution that hardware manufacturers, such as Apple, and internet giants like Google, are looking to produce.

The latest news is that LG is producing a new Google TV that will be released in the U.S. in late May. While Google already has some TV devices out now, a Sony-produced TV and two set-top boxes, Google is upgrading the hardware to be even more convenient.

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It’s Time for King James to Take His Throne

The time has come when even I have run out of patience when it comes to Lebron James. I’ve been one of those NBA fans that have been quietly sitting by, waiting for the Akron Hammer to finally get that elusive 1st NBA championship. We may be the minority. Most NBA fans give him an extremely hard time for not winning multiple championships already. Lebron takes so much heat (yes, that was completely intentional) from everyone ever since he made “The Decision” to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Miami Heat. I’ve never been mad at him for that. Not many superstars were willing to join him in Cleveland, and as a result his chances of winning a title in Cleveland weren’t very good. Can’t fault him for trying to go somewhere where he could win. Yet Lebron’s reputation took a huge hit. Read more »

Congrats on Graduating! Now What?


College graduation is a very exciting day for a student. Finally all that work is over! However, a new adventure begins. After the family barbeques and gifts, then the real world kicks in. Suddenly you’re an adult and now it’s time to find a job.

With the way the economy is currently, finding a job may seem like a nightmare. Fortunately for recent grads, there are tons of helpful tips to lead you in the right direction.

The ideal situation would be that the student prepared before, after, and during college to set up their future. Here are some helpful tips! Read more »

Asteroid Mining: A New Frontier

Planetary Resources Logo credit:

The hot-button topic in science and business this week is asteroid mining. As intrepid investors place their bets on the lucrative business of asteroid mining, it’s possible that the industry could take off, resulting in next “gold rush”. Will we be flocking to space next in hopes of striking it big?

Recently, Eric Anderson, founder of Space Adventures, and Peter Diamandis, CEO and founder of Zero Gravity Corporation, announced their newest venture, Planetary Resources. Backed by high-profile businessmen such as Google CEO Larry Page and Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt and filmmaker James Cameron, Planetary Resources’ main goal is to extract precious minerals and metals from free-flying asteroids as they pass the planet.

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My 2012 NFL Draft Notes


Chris Trotman/Getty Images

Chris Trotman/Getty Images

In one of the craziest offseasons in NFL history, it was good to finally get back to some normal football activities again. In the wake of BountyGate, the 2012 NFL Draft was a welcome reprieve from an offseason filled with scandals and all around bad news. Now that we know our teams’ picks, we can finally start to chatter about how we think our teams will do, and that chatter might actually sustain us until we can limp into some spring training news down the road. Unless, of course, another scandal is revealed between now and then.  Read more »

The Trayvon Martin Case: A Closer Look At Stand Your Ground Laws


Would you stand your ground if you were placed in a situation that you felt threatened in? Would you use deadly force as a means of self-defense? What if your life was at risk and you had no other option?

More than half of the states in the US have adopted some form of self-defense laws as guns and criminal activities have become more prominent. Some states; however, have taken these self-defense laws a step further.

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Get that Contract Inked Now: Could the Saints’ Scandals Push Drew Brees Away?

Source: Chris Graythen / Getty Images North America

It sounds ridiculous, I know. There’s no way that Drew Brees, the savior of the New Orleans Saints organization, could ever play for another team, right? In today’s NFL, you never know. Peyton Manning’s no longer with the Colts. Nobody thought we would ever see that, either. Peyton’s split from Indy was a result of incredible timing and circumstance. If there’s one thing that can be said of the Saints’ offseason, it has been one of incredibly BAD timing and EVEN WORSE circumstance.

Honestly, an argument can be made that the Saints have had one of the worst offseasons in American pro sports history

On one hand, they have completely Read more »

Play Time Is Over?


Credit: Playworks

Recess is a very happy time for students. It gives them a chance to play with their classmates and forget about school for just a minute; but research has shown that the amount of time students get for recess has steadily decreased since the 1970’s.

Science Daily  explains that since then, “children have lost about 12 hours per week in free time, including a 25 percent decrease in play and a 50 percent decrease in unstructured outdoor activities.” This would help to explain why childhood obesity and lower test scores are on the rise. Read more »

U.S. Secret Service Scandal: What Were They Thinking?

Apparently, what happens in Columbia doesn’t stay in Columbia.

So far, six Secret Service agents, including two supervisors, have either lost their jobs or resigned as a result of an alleged prostitution scandal that blew up media outlets last weekend.

The employees, who were placed in Cartagena, Colombia to prepare for President Obama’s arrival, were sent home after allegations surfaced that they were involved with as many as 21 prostitutes and possibly some illegal drugs at their beachside hotel.

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Get Involved: Parents In Schools

Leighann Carroll on parent involvement in school credit: NH State PIRC - NCLB and School Accountability

According to the Michigan Department of Education, students whose parents take an active role in their child’s life at school have a higher chance of being academically successful and have less behavioral issues. However, this brings about the question of how to get parents more involved.

The ‘No Child Left Behind Act’ is attempting to promote parental involvement by requiring that schools keep parents informed on how they can get involved. Read more »

Transgender Miss Universe: Is the World Really Ready?


23 year old Jenna Talackova, who underwent sexual reassignment surgery at age 19, was recently disqualified from the Miss Universe pageant for stating on her application that she was a natural-born female.

After weeks of controversy and media outburst, it is announced that the Canadian beauty will be the first official transgender allowed to compete in the Miss Universe pageant.

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