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Better Late Than Never

It’s always been standard to start college after high school, but certain events can happen in life that put college on hold. Being a single parent, not being able to afford tuition, or just lack of desire all inhibit starting college. According to the U.S. Census Bureau,  “thirty-eight percent of all college students are now 25 [...]

Congrats on Graduating! Now What?

College graduation is a very exciting day for a student. Finally all that work is over! However, a new adventure begins. After the family barbeques and gifts, then the real world kicks in. Suddenly you’re an adult and now it’s time to find a job. With the way the economy is currently, finding a job [...]

Play Time Is Over?

Recess is a very happy time for students. It gives them a chance to play with their classmates and forget about school for just a minute; but research has shown that the amount of time students get for recess has steadily decreased since the 1970’s. Science Daily  explains that since then, “children have lost about 12 [...]

Get Involved: Parents In Schools

Leighann Carroll on parent involvement in school credit: NH State PIRC - NCLB and School Accountability

According to the Michigan Department of Education, students whose parents take an active role in their child’s life at school have a higher chance of being academically successful and have less behavioral issues. However, this brings about the question of how to get parents more involved. The ‘No Child Left Behind Act’ is attempting to [...]

Five ways to market to sports fans on Facebook

How do you get thousands of sports fans excited for a team when the sport is out of season? Through Facebook, of course. It’s nothing new that social media is a valuable marketing tool, and this article clearly demonstrates how it can be applied to any product or service, including sports teams. Many of the [...]

USA Today brings Ad Meter to Facebook

For the first time ever, online consumers will have a say in what they believe to be the best among one of the most popular times for broadcast television: commercial breaks during the Super Bowl. For Super Bowl XLVI, Facebook is partnering with USA Today to bring the news company’s Ad Meter to the social [...]

Facebook vs.

What’s in a name? Apparently, a lot, especially when the social networking giant Facebook is involved. At the annual f8 developer conference in September 2011, Facebook unveiled plans for their new profile feature, Timeline. In response, fired back with a lawsuit over trademark issues, claiming that Facebook’s launch of the new feature could potentially [...]

High-Tech Dangers while Driving

A recent study has shown that high-tech features in vehicles and the use of smartphones while driving may pose a distraction and possible danger. As groundbreaking as this news may be, it really makes sense if you stop and think about it. I never acknowledged this concept before until one day I was searching for [...]

The Prius X Parlee Mind Control Bike

If you are like me, you might have a deep inner fear of robots someday taking over the world. It’s not a thought that’s at the front of my mind every single day, but I can’t help think that it might eventually happen. People have already started to put microchips in the newborn babies so [...]

Cellphones Don’t Cause Cancer?

I read an article a few months ago that talked about how cellphones are carcinogenic. Apparently, just like the heat from microwaves, the rays being vibed out by cellphones are intruding our brains and giving us cancer. This was going on around the world until an article I read the other day that announced that [...]

Buying Prescription Drugs Online

A recent TV program I watched the other night enlightened me to a whole world that I had never really given any thought to before; the world of buying prescription drugs online. Since I don’t have any prescribed medications or drug addictions, the idea of buying prescriptions online never really crossed my mind before I [...]

Casey Anthony Facebook Scam

Hackers rarely miss an opportunity to link a Facebook scam with a big news event. This is nothing new. They continue to create these scams and are usually somewhat successful in the process. After the final not-guilty verdict of the Casey Anthony sent most of America into an uproar, hackers jumped at the chance to [...]