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The 2012 E3 Convention


Some industry insiders are calling it the best E3 conference yet. Electronics and entertainment companies are counting on it. E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, is an annual video game conference held in Los Angeles. The show is the premiere venue for announcements by hardware, console, and game developers.

Cable Giants Announce 50,000 Wi-Fi Hotspots In Response To 3G

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Some Orlando cable subscribers are going to be enjoying more Wi-Fi hotspots around town. Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Cablevision, Cox Communications, and Bright House Networks are working together to launch over 50,000 public Wi-Fi hotspots for their cable internet subscribers. While subscribers are currently still stuck to their current provider, the companies are working on [...]

Bands Embrace File Sharing Sites While Corporations Wage War


Nothing in life is free, unless it’s on the internet. However, not everything you find online is actually free. This week there was an uproar online about file sharing facilitator BitTorrent. BitTorrent is one of the biggest file sharing sites on the internet and has been the target of anti-piracy legislation for some time. Yes, [...]

Will Google TV Catch On With New Technology?

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As broadcast and cable television is augmented by online content, television manufacturers are scrambling to integrate the two formats. All-in-one television/internet browsers are the solution that hardware manufacturers, such as Apple, and internet giants like Google, are looking to produce. The latest news is that LG is producing a new Google TV that will be [...]

Asteroid Mining: A New Frontier

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The hot-button topic in science and business this week is asteroid mining. As intrepid investors place their bets on the lucrative business of asteroid mining, it’s possible that the industry could take off, resulting in next “gold rush”. Will we be flocking to space next in hopes of striking it big? Recently, Eric Anderson, founder [...]

Google Play is a Step in the Right Direction

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The amount of entertainment that can be downloaded or streamed digitally continues to grow every day. I haven’t stepped into a physical bookstore since late 2010 and yet, I’m a voracious reader. Thanks to e-books, I can download new reading materials almost instantly. The same goes for music and movies. I rarely buy DVDs and [...]

Are Our Electronics Getting Too Hot?

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You’ve probably been warned to be careful with your electronics before. Don’t leave them in extreme temperatures. Clean the vents. Make sure the fans are working properly. Make sure everything is properly ventilated. If you don’t follow these rules, your electronics are likely to see the repair shop sooner rather than later. New high-powered tablet [...]

What’s New For Windows 8

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As Microsoft launches a beta release of its newest operating software, Windows 8, you may be wondering, “Why do we need another version of Windows so soon?” Windows 7 was released in late 2009, only three years after Vista. Windows 8 is on track to be released on the same timetable, with a date yet [...]

Facebook’s New Look

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Recently, Facebook has rolled out new features and completely overhauled parts of its hugely popular social media site. This garnered mixed reactions from Facebook users. Some of these changes are radically changing the way that users will interact with and utilize the site. The Timeline One of the most controversial changes is to the profile [...]

Beyond High-Def: New TV Tech Unveiled At CES

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The gem of the commercial tech community, the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show showcased new and exciting television technology. One feature making huge strides this year is OLED lighting. LED TVs were big for the past few years, and OLED is a vast improvement on that technology. These TVs have a higher energy efficiency and lower profile than [...]

Will streaming music overtake radio?

With so many different music sites these days – available in a variety of different formats and with access to millions of songs – traditional broadcast radio may soon meet its end. Services such as Pandora, Spotify and Rdio allow users to create playlists, listen to personalized stations and share songs with others via social [...]