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Tiger’s Comeback: It’s for Real this Time!?

No, it’s not déjà vu. For the second time this season, the biggest story in golf is whether or not Tiger Woods is back to being the Tiger Woods we all had grown to know and love (or hate) over the last 16 years. That’s right, we’re in the exact same position we were less [...]

2012 NBA Playoffs: Who’s Going to Win it All and Why

The 2012 NBA season has been one of 3 distinct phases for me. At the beginning of the year, I was completely on the Miami Heat bandwagon. The Dallas Mavericks made it publicly known that they were going to dismantle and then assemble another team around Dirk Nowitzki. So the Heat were the logical favorite [...]

It’s Time for the Los Angeles Lakers to Start Over

It really sounds weird to say, especially for a team that usually just reloads. But it has become evident that the Los Angeles Lakers need more than that. It’s time for the Lakers to blow this team up and actually rebuild from the ground up.

It’s Time for King James to Take His Throne

The time has come when even I have run out of patience when it comes to Lebron James. I’ve been one of those NBA fans that have been quietly sitting by, waiting for the Akron Hammer to finally get that elusive 1st NBA championship. We may be the minority. Most NBA fans give him an [...]

My 2012 NFL Draft Notes

  In one of the craziest offseasons in NFL history, it was good to finally get back to some normal football activities again. In the wake of BountyGate, the 2012 NFL Draft was a welcome reprieve from an offseason filled with scandals and all around bad news. Now that we know our teams’ picks, we [...]

Get that Contract Inked Now: Could the Saints’ Scandals Push Drew Brees Away?

It sounds ridiculous, I know. There’s no way that Drew Brees, the savior of the New Orleans Saints organization, could ever play for another team, right? In today’s NFL, you never know. Peyton Manning’s no longer with the Colts. Nobody thought we would ever see that, either. Peyton’s split from Indy was a result of [...]

The New Orleans Saints’ BountyGate Suspensions: Justifiable or Just Plain Crazy?

Ronnie Smith and Alec Difrawi on New Orleans Saints credit:

By now, almost all NFL fans are aware of the Saints BountyGate scandal. The story is so controversial that mothers, sisters, wives, and yes, even band geeks have heard about the news as well. It seems that the subject touches a nerve with almost anyone discussing it. The story transcends sport. Everyone knows how violent [...]

Blue-Bloods or Barely-Knowns: How Do You Like Your March Madness?

Ronnie Smith on March Madness credit:

Here we are, barely halfway through the 2012 NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Championship, and we can already call this the “year of the upset.” It seems like I hear that title tossed around almost every year, because every year seems to have its fair share of upsets. Every year, there’s a new Gonzaga, VCU, [...]

Should We Buy into the NFL Scouting Combine Hype?

Alec Difrawi and NFL Combine credit:

The NFL season of speculation (and mock drafts) has officially begun. Now that the NFL Scouting Combine has officially concluded, we have two whole months until the NFL Draft. We have two whole months to argue over who will be picked by what team. That also gives us two whole months to pray that our [...]

How to Save the Pro Bowl from Itself

Alec Difrawi on Pro Bowl credit:

Things have gotten pretty bad for the NFL Pro Bowl, as it is has become the lamest of all the major sports’ all-star games. If you watched this year’s edition, you saw how downright painful it could get. Even the fans AT the game started booing (loudly) due to the lack of effort. It’s pretty [...]

John Calipari’s Success in the One-and-Done Era

Alec Difrawi on John Calipari credit:

Few coaches have had a run like Kentucky Wildcats coach John Calipari in the last few years. Calipari has always been a polarizing figure in college basketball, and as a result his fans have to be happy, even if his critics are not. Whether a fan or a critic, it’s hard to deny the success [...]

Rumors of NFL Expansion + Rumors of NFL Relocation = Confusion

Alec Difrawi on NFL Expansion

Before the Super Bowl was even over, I was wondering what the NFL off-season chatter was going to be about. We have to have at least something to talk about until the draft gets here. Of course, we all knew there would be tons of Peyton Manning talk. After being confronted by hecklers, Gisele Bundchen [...]