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Marketing in a rare light: Charity

Pink products are everywhere these days – everything from Tide laundry detergent to Dyson vacuum cleaners. October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and many companies are showing their support by “pinkwashing” their products and donating a portion of sales to the cause. Although donations are being made to further the research in finding a [...]

Benefits and concerns of remote workers

Over the past three decades, advancements in technology have produced a breed of employee that can do their work – at least, theoretically – out of the office. Telecommuting emerged in the 1970s and has become a viable option for businesses worldwide. It is estimated that 40% of theUSpopulation could potentially work from home, or [...]

Abandonment: The Self-Inflicted Death of a Helpless HP

Some of the history’s most influential corporations have been founded in an American icon: the home garage. Hewlett-Packard and Apple, Inc.’s beginnings are pristine examples of an era that remains long forgotten in the minds of today’s youth. They hear about this history, contemplate it, and then proceed to create startups like Facebook in a [...]

Foursquare: Should I Care?

Foursquare has been in the news lately, and I found myself wondering why. Since I know little to nothing about this company, I decided to check it out in order to determine if I should care about it or not. Here’s what I found out: First of all, I found out that I am way [...]

The Apocalypse is Coming!…(but only in Georgia)

Once again, the apocalypse is upon us. But this time, it’s coming only to Georgia. And by Georgia, I don’t mean Savannah or Atlanta, but the country of Georgia. According to a recent article that appeared in the New York Times, many residents in the city of Tbilisi have been in a frenzy lately, convinced [...]

Android Phones Getting Hacked

If you are one of 75 million Americans with an Android device, there may be a cause for worry. The Google-powered operating system has fallen victim to recent attacks by hackers. According to a recent article in the Boston Globe, Google’s OS features an open design that lets users easily distribute software. This makes it [...]

Casey Anthony…Really?

I usually reserve this blog for writings on new avenues of social media and advancements in technology. I will admit this: This post has nothing to do with either one of those topics. This article is solely designed to express my disbelief and utter disappointment with the outcome of the Casey Anthony trial. I’m not [...]

Threatening Messages from Internet Pranksters – the Glorified Computer Geek

The computer hacker group known as LulzSec has been in the news quite a bit lately. Recently, they made headlines after compromising more than one million Sony user accounts. Before that, they claimed to have taken the CIA’s website offline, amongst other hacking endeavors. So far, seems that they have serious potential to do monumental [...]

Google vs. Apple – the Chromebook

In attempts to on top of cloud computing world, Google has developed the Chromebook, and it might actually be something worth checking out. The idea behind the Chromebook is that you can store all your files online, up in the clouds somewhere. Applications, documents, settings, and any other important data no longer need to be [...]

PSN Hackers Get Nabbed

A few weeks ago, the PlayStation Network was hacked on a massive scale, shutting down its operations for more than a month. This week, progress was made in finding out who was responsible for the cyber attack. Spanish police arrested three members of the hacking group known as Anonymous, which was allegedly behind the attack. [...]

Apple DUI Checkpoint App Gets Squashed

You know those pesky police checkpoints that you have to drive through sometimes? They’re usually not a big deal; you stop for a second, let them look over your license and then you are on your merry way. But they are still somewhat of an inconvenience. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a way [...]

Eat People and Make Lots of Money

Technology is rapidly advancing and changing the way we live. Everybody is always ready and waiting for the next big thing, and the smart ones these days know what’s going to work and when to invest. For those of us that feel stuck working at some 9 to 5 and waiting for our bi-weekly paycheck, [...]