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Random Disturbing Thoughts

The Smart Alec Difrawi Speaks on his History

A speech about my past and who I am today.

Speech on Songs and Emotions

This is a recent speech of mine on songs and emotional associations, I hope you enjoy.

CEO Swag Life

Alec Difrawi on CEO lifestyle

It used to be that executive power appeared as highly conservative. But cultural trends seem to more popularly amplify the lifestyle that can come from such success – considering that those with the life do not live so conservatively. I recently watched Andrew Floyd, a local up-and-coming hip hop artist, shoot his new music video in my home.

Steve Jobs Presents Space Ship Office to Council

Nelli OMG Web Redemption Video with Alec Difrawi

Red Carpet will Never be the same

During the OMG Launch party Alec Difrawi interviews the Model of the Month… Little did Alec know this would turn into an unforgettable chain of events packed with multiple takes, confusing remarks, and lots of laughter. Alec Difrawi ends up doing 3 video takes for the interview, none of which were close to perfect by [...]

Socialnomics: Social Media Revolution

Social Media Revolution: Is social media a fad? Or is it the biggest shift since the Industrial Revolution? This video details out social media facts and figures that are hard to ignore.

Social Media Marketing Done Right At Boloco Burrito

Alec Difrawi likes this example of how a burrito started a social media phenomenon.

How to get high rankings in google, SEO

Detailed information on how to get high rankings in google. How to get high Page ranked sites to point back to your site.

Top 10 Direct Marketing Tips to Improve ROI

Alec Difrawi knows how important ROI can be, so here is a video to help you learn some key insights we’ve drawn from years of experience in working with small businesses to Fortune 500 enterprises, across all industries.

Domain Names & Search Engine Marketing

Alec Difrawi learns how domain names play a role in seo, and strategic online marketing optimization.