Facebook’s New Look

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Recently, Facebook has rolled out new features and completely overhauled parts of its hugely popular social media site. This garnered mixed reactions from Facebook users. Some of these changes are radically changing the way that users will interact with and utilize the site.

The Timeline

One of the most controversial changes is to the profile page. While the profile page has undergone some changes in the past, it has stayed somewhat stable for the past few years. However, Facebook has started beta testing a new profile called the Timeline. Instead of presenting updates and pictures in a linear fashion, the Timeline arranges this information into a navigable stream.

Cover Image

As part of the new Timeline, users have the ability to upload a large cover image to their profiles, as well as a profile picture. Underneath the cover image will be a brief overview of the user’s “about” information, as well as friends, photos, and applications.

The Ticker

The Facebook News Feed still shows user-submitted updates as usual, however, content generated by applications and other sites will show up in the Ticker. The Ticker is a real-time sidebar that features all updates from all friends. In this way, users will avoid being bombarded by information that they may not want.


Facebook has made it even easier to integrate favorite sites into the Facebook experience. It is now possible to watch a movie on Netflix, listen to a song on Spotify, or read the news without even leaving Facebook. Updates on what you’re doing will show up in friends’ tickers. It’s yet another of the new Facebook marketing strategies: using friendships to suggest products.

The Photo Viewer

Facebook’s Photo Viewer also underwent a relatively minor change recently. The caption and comments section has been moved from below the picture to the right side of the picture. By utilizing a landscape format, the new Photo Viewer utilizes the shape of the computer screen and avoids making users scroll down the page to read comments.

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As new social media networks continue to gain popularity, Facebook is changing to meet the unique demands of its user base while still remaining competitive. How do you feel about the new Facebook changes, and what types of features would you like to see added in the future?


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