It’s Time for the Los Angeles Lakers to Start Over

Los Angeles Lakers

It really sounds weird to say, especially for a team that usually just reloads. But it has become evident that the Los Angeles Lakers need more than that. It’s time for the Lakers to blow this team up and actually rebuild from the ground up.

The foundation is already there, and it appears to be as solid as ever. While Kobe Bryant has been around a long time, it’s clear that he still has plenty of fuel in the tank. Kobe has tailored his game as he has gotten older, becoming more of a shooter as his ability to get to the basket has declined. Bryant narrowly missed winning another scoring title again this year, falling just a fraction behind Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durant. Kobe looks like he has a few more years in him.

The Lakers have to get on the ball quickly if they want to win Kobe Bryant his 6thNBA Championship ring.

Kobe Bryant ( Photo: Ronald Martinez/ Getty Images)

That’s why they have to start over now, before it’s too late.

In their present state, the Lakers can’t just reload. Their bench is just too weak. The starters are getting old. To compete in the Western Conference with teams like the Oklahoma City Thunder and San Antonio Spurs, the Lakers have to get faster and they need depth on the bench.

This means they have to trade away some of the stars that they currently have. It also means they have to make a fundamental change to the philosophy that they have been using for years. The Lakers have to give up on having two 7-footers in the starting lineup. And that means trading away Pau Gasol or Andrew Bynum, or possibly both.

If I were the Lakers GM, I’d drop the center-centric philosophy and get rid of one of my bigs. Having two of them is slowing them down. The OKC Thunder exposed that in this year’s playoffs. The Thunder blew right by the Lakers, and it wasn’t pretty. The Lakers need to find a way to match that speed.

Getting rid of one of your 7-footers would be a good place to start. Gasol has been the subject of trade rumors for most of the season. However, I’d ship off Andrew Bynum. Lakers fans may call me crazy, Bynum is considered to be the 2ndbest center in the Association. He’s young and he’s a lot cheaper than Gasol. It is for those reasons that I’d trade him away.

Andrew Bynum (Photo: Icon SMI)

Bynum has the most value of the two. That’s why they HAVE to trade him. For a team that’s in desperate need of speed AND depth, it’s absolutely necessary. The Lakers can get a lot more for him. They wouldn’t be losing that much, they would still have Pau Gasol, who is widely considered the 3rd best big man in the league. He also has $19 million in salary owed to him this year upcoming. It would be difficult for the Lakers to get a lot back in a Gasol Trade. With Bynum, they could get a few players and/or draft picks.

We have a lot of time to see what happens. There’s almost no doubt that next year’s Laker roster will look very different. It will have to for them to compete, and for them to quit being humiliated in the playoffs. The Lakers organization has always strived to get the best in order to win championships, so it’s a safe bet that the Lakers should be better next year. If they make the right decisions, that is.

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