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The Smart Alec isn’t the only Alec you’ll hear of.

Born in Egypt, his legal name is Ayman Difrawi. Less legally, some add a prefix to make him Ayman El-Difrawi or Ayman ElDifrawi.  With parents seeking the American life, he moved at an early age to Kentucky where he adopted the name “Alec” in grade school.

Alec was determined, driven, didn’t date until he was 20. He was destined for success. But he was young and where his ideas envisioned the future they would fail to identify setbacks. In his early 20s Alec recognized the need for a modeling agency and started his own. His father (traveling internationally) agreed to cosign and Alec (impatient) forged his signature.

This changed Alec. Not the signature, the three years he spent incarcerated as a result. His own business aspirations turned him from juvenile mogul to nonviolent criminal.  With the 1.5 million minutes meant to strip him of obligations and earned responsibilities, Alec  changed his meanings and obliged himself to different responsibilities. By the end of his sentencing, he accomplished the following:

  • Read 100 books
  • Religiously Read 5 daily newspapers and 25 diverse magazines
  • Learned and became fluent in a second language
  • Obtained physical health (lost 50 pounds)
  • Earned a PHD
  • Earned a law degree (as to ensure he would never again make such mistakes)
  • Studied all of the major religions

Released was a smarter Alec. One that returned to his business plans with his original drive yet a fresh mentality, more knowhow and a new desire to spread self-improvement opportunities.  With businesses based from marketing and technical consulting services, he also offered personal development opportunities and incorporated community outreach programs. These factors alongside the employees that grew with him, proved crucial to the success (actually tremendous success) of his work. With a few hundred dollars, Alec grew several companies to change their industries.

Originally, Wilhelmina Scouting Network functioned under different titles and with groundbreaking success. In the 1990s, it stood as the first of its kind. For a minor fee, the company took the paper portfolios of models into a sole digital database for agencies to easily search. From its start the company utilized Alec’s very successful business model and went through several corporate transitions as a direct result of its success. Ultimately, it became Lou Pearlman‘s Wilhelmina Scouting Network and it functioned with much illegal activity. Admittedly, he wasn’t the smartest Alec when he welcomed Pearlman to the company but he was a much smarter Alec when he left as a result of altered business ethics.

In Alec’s newest company he’s especially welcoming to creativity and business innovations. The company itself functions on various projects and levels. They work with employment, education, and other helpful services.  But a small group of creative individuals promote a different reality on the Internet. Based from a few accurate details, they create for Alec a fabricated past that harms the perception of his current business.

Claims go as far as accusing Alec of terrorist associations and fraudulent work. In truth, Alec loves being an American and sincerely works to restore The American Dream for everyone who still wants it. The Alec Difrawi Foundation is just one way he contributes to this.

Other claims insist that Alec hides behind a myriad of fake names in attempts to conceal his business involvements.  Alec bears the names originally mentioned as well as the misspellings of those names. In 1991, he was jokingly dubbed “Mikey” by a co-worker. Sometimes he uses his initials.

These few conspiracy focused individuals enjoy linking the Alec’s names with company names that he associates with. They find it satisfying to create an illusion (despite how farfetched the connections appear) that this is somehow a huge conspiracy. Their concepts are unlikely until they publish enough complaints to generate more. Then they are prone to contact potential or new customers as well as employees and try to convince them of the scam. It is a scam within a scam and in some ways it’s proved unfortunately successful.

Unfortunately for Alec, his companies, and the thousands they’ve employed, these few individuals have found a satisfying obsession in attempts to destroy Alec and his work. Though Alec and each of his companies suffer from such attempts, they also vigorously overcome.  By ‘they’ I mean to confirm that Alec learned he couldn’t gain such smarts on his own. Those that work with and assist The Smart Alec today are of diverse starting points and strong standing points. They’ve built, fallen, overcome, laughed, learned, taught, and mostly they’ve helped. They’ve continued to provide such services and solutions that their companies succeed today.

But some wounds remain fresh. They personally inflict those discussed and their families, their friends, and those that will remain strangers upon hearing one side of one part of this. Sound judgment and independent thinking come with much difficulty to those not seeking self-improvement.

He’s referred to as The Smart Alec but actually he’s much more than that.