About The Smart Alec

This blog offers insight from an entrepreneur and true American success story. Alec Difrawi is The Smart Alec. His career in providing marketing and technical solutions began before he graduated high school or formally interviewed for a job. And though not all of his ideas started smart, most of them matured beyond.

This blog contains commentary on a range of topics including politics, sports, entertainment, education, business, technology, and public policy.  Please read for entertainment purposes only. Expressed are the opinions of Alec Difrawi at the times published and they remain subject to change (particularly if he chooses to run for political office or date someone that takes offense).

Alec Difrawi in Egypt

Alec Difrawi in Egypt

Hi, I’m Alec Difrawi known on this site as The Smart Alec. It’s a term I’m often referred by and not usually as a form of endearment. I hope you enjoy my blog and to borrow a quote from my favorite author (Samuel Clemens):

“Anyone attempting to find a motive in this blog will be prosecuted; anyone attempting to find a moral in it will be banished; anyone attempting to find a plot in it will be shot. By Order of the Author”